Ministry Updates Online

Send printable prayer letters to your ministry partners without filling up their inbox.

For Missionaries

Online prayer letter hosting is available for free when you use to send your printed prayer letters.

Here's how it works:

  1. You send us your letter and mailing list (for printed letters) in nearly any format, using our easy online ordering system.

  2. We print and mail your letters, and put a PDF version of the letter on this site for you.

  3. You then send a short E-Mail to your ministry partners letting them know that a new letter is online, without needing to attach any files to the E-Mail.

Turning on public letter hosting requires literally just one click. There's no administrative work, HTML layout, or other complications to overcome.

If you don't send printed prayer letters, you can sign up for a paid site that gives you the same simplicity without the printing component.

For Ministry Partners

Read current and historical prayer letters from your missionaries without having large files filling up your inbox.

If some of your missionaries are sending their prayer letters as files to your inbox, please send them here. If you already know a missionary who's using Ministry Updates, send them that link as well so they can see a live site.

We make it easy for them to communicate regularly with you in a variety of ways, and will be happy to ease the burden of sending prayer letters to you and their other ministry partners.